• Electronic documentation and management of corporate documents and processes.
  • Assign tasks to individuals or groups and track their performance, or possibly delays.
  • Controlled processes can be run outside the system - from copiers or machines in production.
  • Maintaining, documenting and updating ISO material and guidelines in electronic form.

A process-driven company

The introduction of workflow will bring firm order to the processes in your company and ensure compliance with corporate procedures. It completely replaces the paper form of managing ISO documentation and thus creates a full featured tool for the management of the company. It ensures the controlled distribution of documents, tasks and important information to persons or groups of persons, including regular checks on them.

Procedures, steps and diagrams

The correct operation of individual processes requires the creation of procedures that further break down into steps (tasks) to be assigned to users or groups of users. Each user then sees only a clear summary of their tasks to be performed and when. Defined procedures have a wide range of settings - priorities, time sequence, restrictions, comments, descriptions and many more. Steps and whole procedures can be easily illustrated using diagrams.

Documenting operational processes

The K2 information system makes it possible to use workflow for documenting and managing both simple processes, such as registering mail or minutes from meetings, and for managing operational processes - for example, invoicing, holidays or production requirements. The operating system behaves according to a clearly defined ISO and the processes furthermore proceed only if all tasks defined in the ISO have been met.

Control mechanisms

The workflow process include a series of control elements. You can look any time, for example, at the current state of individual procedures captured in a graph or through evaluation reports and track their delays. Also serving as a control element is the ability to set up processes to notify selected users, who are automatically notified about a change in the state of the monitored task.

Versioning of procedures

For each procedure, there may be one or more versions gradually linked to one another through their validity. This so-called versioning of procedures makes it possible to carry out changes in a newly created version, to improve it, refine or change its rules, but continue to use the valid, as yet unchanged version with the same header of the procedure for currently running processes in the company. After debugging, the current version of the procedure will expire and the new version will take over. Current and applicable directives, standards and metrics will therefore be constantly available in the company.

Approval of steps from your mobile phone

Individual steps can be approved not only directly in the K2 information system, but also on mobile phones, tablets, or by clicking on a link in an email message. It is even possible to run new processes directly from equipment such as photocopiers and production machines.

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