Workflow monitors and automates business processes and managerial reports

The K2 information system helped Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth to manage its sales, warehouse, production and economic agendas.

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16 years with IS K2
135 users work daily in K2
4000 basic products
756 million crowns annual turnover
640 employees

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Scope of K2 implementation in Koh-i-noor

Koh-i-noor-1At Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth, the K2 information system primarily manages business, warehouse, production and economic agendas. Its deployment uses the strength of K2, where the internal IT department implements a large part of its administration and development on its own. K2 atmitec then provides reinstallations and development units. The use of workflow processes to monitor and automate selected company processes and managerial overviews and reports brought great help. It was the flexibility and the ability to customize K2 with its own people that made it possible to capture the significant specifics of this traditional Czech brand.

Zajímavosti z implementace Informačního systému K2

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  • Use of IS K2 as a platform on which it builds its own solution designed by its own IT department.
  • Comprehensively processed product catalog maintained in IS K2.
  • Use of workflow for approval of invoices.
  • Parallel calculation of managerial outputs on the data fingerprint while the system is running.
  • Work with non-standard storage units (dozen, dozens.
  • Reprocessing of graphite mixture waste from production.
  • Work with yield in routings and in production.

When we were faced in 2005 with the decision of who to choose for our IT system, it was not easy. After 16 years of cooperation, I am convinced that the decision was the right time. As an added value, I see that I can solve the problems at the level of the owners in a friendly spirit."

Vlastislav Bříza, General Director of Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth a. s.

"I am glad that the leading Czech family company with such a huge tradition and importance has combined its existence with K2 and I am even more pleased when we can talk about personal matters and opinions on business and we do not have to deal with operational matters."

Luděk Vydra, founder of K2

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