• Speed up the flow of important information between the members of your sales teams and the entire company.
  • Track the success of your marketing campaigns and business opportunities.
  • Find out which customers are ready to buy from you, and focus on them.
  • Access information about your business activities through a mobile device.

The most valuable database in the company

Using the CRM module, complete information about your business partners, contact persons, marketing campaigns, business opportunities, and individual activities like letters, emails, phones, or business meetings can be recorded in the K2 Information System. This information can add both users and third-party services to the system, such as telephone exchanges, commercial registers, emailing services, social networks and other online marketing tools.

Collaborative teamwork environment

All information stored in the system is available to all members of your team who have the appropriate access rights. The flow of information is sped up across the team or entire company - the whole team has the minutes of business meetings, conversations with workers, product support, email communication, all current orders, including their status or the current balance, immediately available. Everything, including personnel records, involved in communication.

Strategic management of business activities

The information stored in the CRM module of the K2 system can be used to increase the success of your sales teams. You can easily focus individual business or marketing activities on the right target group, both on the basis of general parameters (e.g. sector and location of the business, number of employees or positions of the targeted personnel) and according to specific indicators like visits to selected product pages on the website, incomplete transactions in the e-shop, or visits to thematic seminars.

Evaluating campaigns and opportunities

In the K2 Information System, individual activities can be included in marketing campaigns or business opportunities, which can then be compared, evaluated and continuously improved. You can easily determine which marketing channels and sales teams are successful and which are not, or which business opportunities should be closed in the near future and what their value is. In addition, you can compare everything with the plan for the current period.

Perfect customer care

The information in the system can be used as an information source for caring for your current customers. Support personnel have access to complete information about current and historic orders and their status and also the minutes of previous communications with the customer. They are thus able to address the client’s request without a time-consuming grilling from the client and so save lots of time not only for him, but also speed up the average time spent on clearing a request.

The system works for you

Recorded activities can be assigned a point value and so you can monitor not only the degree of activity of each member of your team, but also the activity in the context of selected business partners. You can then have the system automatically notify you when the thresholds specified by you for follow-up action have been reached - for example, if a potential customer repeatedly visits your website during a certain period and clicks open the latest newsletter, a sales representative can be notified to call the firm with an offer.

Access from mobile devices

You can also access the CRM module from mobile phones and tablets. You can search for information you need about your business partners any time in the field, including a summary of their orders and the complete history of your communications. You can easily prepare for a meeting even when you are not in the office. On the contrary, you can immediately enter everything after the meeting directly into the system through a mobile device and so pass the relevant information on to the other members much earlier.

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