Document Management System (DMS)

  • You will have all company documents together.
  • Every change to the document will be recorded.
  • Only those who have access to contracts or invoices.
  • Archive key documents in digital form.

Automate your document management and save time

Working with paper documents – their printing, distribution, processing, archiving and shredding – is time-consuming. In summary, employees often spend several hours per month on this agenda that could be spent on more important tasks. Document management makes it possible to automate a whole range of tasks. This not only speeds up work with them, but also eliminates human factor errors.

Increase the security of your company's documents

One of the key requirements for working with documents containing sensitive business data or personal information is security. Using the DMS module, you have all your documents stored in one backed-up database. Directly in K2, you can set for each user whether he has the right to edit the document or whether it should remain hidden. Documents can only be accessed directly from K2, and every action is also recorded – so you always know who handled the documents and how.

In addition, in the event of an accident such as a fire or flood, your documents are stored on a server or in the cloud in a safe place.

Find the right document with full-text search

Do you need to find a specific document not only by its title, but also by its content? Thanks to the DMS module, you can save invoices, contracts and other documents in a machine-readable format. Thanks to this, you can easily and practically immediately search for keywords using a full-text search across the entire database.

Improve cross-departmental collaboration

Although the primary function of document management is their digitization and organization, this module also allows easy sharing of documents between colleagues. Are multiple users working on one document? Thanks to the DMS module, they will no longer have to send individual revisions via e-mail or manually consolidate the edits of multiple users into one final document. Collaboration always takes place over the current version available centrally from anywhere.

Back up all versions of your documents

Do you want to go back to a previous revision of the document? Are you wondering what changes to the document took place during your vacation? No problem for document management in K2. The DMS module allows you to automatically save all document revisions, including the history of changes. Unnecessary documents can be archived or shredded directly, exactly according to the archiving and shredding plan defined by you. Additionally, you can make documents available to third-party applications using the K2 API.

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