How to select the right vendor?

Selecting an information system is one of the most important strategic decisions of each company. Therefore choose a reliable and proven partner.

We've chosen a good product. Implementation will be easy as a pie.

  • Search for a reliable vendor that has the vision and capacity to develop the system.

  • Select a vendor that understands your local and industry specificities.

  • Acquire the system for 6 or more years. Look for a long-term strategic partner.

  • Everything doesn’t end with handing over the system. Find a team you can put your trust in.

Key questions

What are the differences between the ERP systems of Czech vendors and the foreign systems of multinational companies?

You must consider everything from system to system, and even better, implementation from implementation. In Czech solutions, however, you needn’t worry that the implementation or service team doesn’t have access to crucial decisions in the further development of the system, and it’s only through these teams that you can considerably influence it with your requirements. An advantage can even be the better knowledge and readiness of the system for the domestic business environment. The systems of multinational companies offer stability and connection to a worldwide brand and experience from various cultures and economies.

What to look out for in selecting the implementation company that will deploy our new information system?

The transition to a new information system is a challenging stage in the history of each company - it’s necessary to change older processes, get used to new obligations, and retrain the majority of employees. The selection is a long-term strategic decision that will affect the image of your company in the eyes of your business partners. It is therefore necessary to select above all a reliable and proven vendor whom you completely trust and who gives you the certainty that they are able to guarantee their services in the desired quality for six years or more.

What are the most important criteria for assessing the makers of information systems?

Think of it like, as your competition constantly drives your business forward, so the world of information technology is also driving forward. What is the standard for technology today can become obsolete in three years and slow down your growth. Our experience is that the life cycle of an ERP system lacking continuous development is five to seven years. So select a system maker that has the sufficient capacity, vision and skills to develop your system for the future and keep it moving forward. It will keep your business moving forward.