The information system helps manage the entire holding

K2 Information system takes care of the holding economy, not just in the Czechia.

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8 years with K2 IS
105 users working daily in K2
€ 38 millions in annual turnover

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Scope of the K2 implementation in KUBOUŠEK EU holding

Kuboušek produktAt KUBOUŠEK EU holding, the K2 Information System is integrated into all business activities – starting with tendering and monitoring business opportunities. A major added value is the use of the synergy of our own companies within one mandate for sharing data and code books in the information system. K2 enables comprehensive management of the holding’s finances, not only in the Czech Republic, but across several countries. The holding also uses all available analytical tools for evaluation and reporting in K2.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System

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  • Customized printable report templates in various languages.
  • Monitoring of individual contracts for the supply of machines not only economically, but also including follow-up care for the machines.
  • Using K2 workflow steps for key processes.
  • Solutions for servicing machines, equipment and supplies of spare parts and consumables.
  • Traceability of serial numbers and their origin.
  • Data overview of filling orders instead of printed lists.
  • Intrastat part of the solution directly from K2.
  • Use of online readers not only for normal operation during receipt and dispatch, but also for inventories.
  • Logbook for machines and equipment – records of machines sold, including monitoring their history in terms of complaints, repairs and service.
  • Planning the dispatch of service technicians.
  • E-shop on the K2 platform.

“What I most appreciate about this implementation is the integration of all activities into one system, and especially the methodological shift of operational management from the accounting office to individual operations and divisions. The economic department thus only checks and supervises compliance with the rules, but the economics of the operation are managed and controlled at the level of individual transactions. This seemingly insignificant change has meant a major shift in responsibility for the data entered, for re-invoicing between centers, and for the addressability of individual decisions. Today, with the system implemented, control between offer versions, sales version and checking their fulfillment works perfectly from the viewpoint of machines and goods, as well as manpower budgets and subcontracting.”

Martin Běhůnek, K2 Project Manager

“The key decision to merge all our companies under one mandate has really paid off for us. We now have a much better overview of the entire group from one place. A major advance is the ability to use shared code books and do reporting across all data. This has allowed us to significantly reduce administrative costs and kick us up into higher productivity.”

Ivan Kuboušek, President of KUBOUŠEK EU holding, a. s.

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