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Would you like to sell more but your current system is against it?

Are you not able to fill your orders in good time?

It takes several minutes for someone in the warehouse to learn about an order and start to work on it.

Are your orders in chaos?

Do you lose customers because they order goods that are not actually in your warehouse?

Do you maintain data in different systems?

Are you wasting time and sales due to errors in synchronizing data between systems?

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K2 overview

K2 is the only system you will ever need

The K2 Information System provides more than just an e-shop. We are able to take care of your warehouse, accounting and production. We offer a comprehensive solution without unnecessary errors in synchronization – your information is stored in one place and every part of the system has full access to it online. In our e-shop, you always have the latest information about inventory, prices, variants and expected stocking times.

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With the K2 e-shop, you can dispatch your goods within a few minutes

As soon as the K2 e-shop receives an order, the system gives it a number, automatically reserves the goods in the warehouse or sends the order to the supplier. If the goods are in stock, the order is automatically forwarded to a specific warehouse worker for packing and dispatch. Goods can leave your warehouse in a matter of minutes after receiving the customer’s order.

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call centrum

Contact Center, that knows more

The K2 Information System also includes its own contact center. With access to all data in the system, the center operator sees not only the caller’s phone number, but also a record of previous communications, transaction history, including the current status of pending orders and all complaints. No more questions about the order number and obtaining information from other systems. With K2, each call center operator has everything on hand.

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All services under single roof

Does it seem like every solution to a problem begins with an exhausting argument about who is responsible for the problem? Simplify your life! The K2 Information System can replace all your current systems. We can supply you with customized hardware. Do you prefer the cloud? We have our own data center. Our customers always know who to contact if they have a problem.

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Would you like to launch another e-shop, for example abroad? No problem for K2

Are you looking to expand abroad? With the K2 e-shop, you require no new installation. You just need to translate your existing website and purchase a new domain. Your new e-shop will work with the same data as the current portals. You can also launch your e-shop with a new domain in the existing market just as easily.

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Broad integration options

The K2 e-shop already integrates a wide range of resources to help your business. The e-shop is optimized in terms of SEO and can be connected to Google Analytics and product comparators such as Google Nákupy (Shopping), Heuréka, Zboží, and others. Online payments can be made through services like GoPay, WebPay or PayPal. Balíkobot offers direct connection to 22 carriers. Getting connected to these resources and many more is available to you immediately after installation and as a result you will save hours of additional work.

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