The K2 information system for e-commerce

We know how important trust and customer satisfaction is for e-commerce. In B2B and B2C sales through the e-shop we are thinking about how to make the information about products, their availability, parameters and price always match up and how to make the entire purchasing process as fast and easy as possible. We even make the administration of multiple language versions of the e-shop easy for you; we are also thinking about multiple currencies and connecting to carriers and land registry offices for the correct entries of addresses.

Forget about data synchronization with your inventory system – thanks to the K2 e-shop being part of the K2 information system, you always have both the e-shop and complete online information about items, customers, and orders in the system. In addition, you are working with data only in one place - in the simple and clear administrative interface of our system.

  • Online information for customers or distributors

    We can mediate all the important information from the system to your customers or distributors, for example, including the completion of production.

  • Link to the inventory system for fast shipping

    Bar codes and an integrated solution for stock management gives you super-fast shipping of your orders - with minimal intervention by people.

  • Cooperation with other e-shops using news feeds

    The openness of the system allows us to automatically send information about your goods, prices and stock availability to other e-shops.

  • Strategic management of the supply of goods

    We use evaluations of customer behavior in the e-shop to define a target strategy for your goods on offer - both in general and personalized.

„The K2 system is very helpful with B2B sales in our e-shop. If we change the quantity of goods or any other parameter in the system, it immediately shows up online. Everything is in real time and speed today is what proves decisive in business.”

Rastislav Talárovič (head of marketing department at SOS Electronic s.r.o.)
The entire case study

Rastislav Talárovič (head of marketing department at SOS Electronic s.r.o.)
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Of our customers are satisfied with the K2 Information System.

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