The K2 information system in engineering production

Worried about bills, their variants and inverse searching according to parts and materials? Do you need to combine information n an order, a production process, related documents and quality? Do you need to establish and sustain processes n such diverse production? Are you thinking about how to mature your production planning if you have non-serial and recurring production? The K2 information system will help you with everything.

  • Different views of production

    We will introduce a system combining different views of production - from business and procurement to materials, technologies, planning, quality, processes and documents.

  • Coherence in managing operations, processes and evaluations

    We will consolidate tools for configuring procedures, modifying, evaluating and providing notification of them. This way we simplify settings, administration and operational adjustments.

  • Openness and variability in all directions

    We have prepared a system that is open and fully variable in the standard, both in the details of the solution and in its stringency.

  • Link to machines and external software

    We have a solution that is able to connect and communicate with machines, CAD systems and other external programs.

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