The K2 information system in the production of foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

We know how important quality control, lots and expiration dates are to the production of foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The K2 information system controls the logistics processes and likewise both the organized record-keeping of goods and lots in warehouses and the retention of a complete history of raw materials, their parameters and handling, which preceded the origin of the product.

  • Complete information about the origin of the product

    You always know who made the product, on what machine and with what raw materials, including information about the origin of the raw materials or lots used.

  • Advanced quality control system

    Detailed records of processes and controls allows us to ensure you have key information on the quality of individual lots, including checks of the process.

  • Managed stock as a native part of the system

    We provide for the fast and efficient distribution of goods and raw materials between production, warehouses and customers. You will have your information about your stock online.

  • Variable formulations and bills of materials

    We reckon with variant formulations and bills of materials for different validated amounts and various final alterations in products.

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