• Manage production resources and production processes in one place.
  • Plan and schedule production directly in K2.
  • Keep an overview of the current status of your production in real time.
  • Evaluate the overall efficiency of your production at any time.

Real-time overview

K2 ERP can collect data directly from your production machines. In real time, you have information on whether production is running, how many production cycles the machine has already completed or what the current material consumption is. All this data is available to you at any time in K2 so that you can respond to it adequately. And even automatically, for example, using pre-set notifications.

Production planning

Plan your work queue directly from your K2. The information system has available all the necessary data, from the capacity of machines and employees to material stocks. Thanks to this, you can easily plan production. K2 itself will propose an automatically compiled work plan according to the specified criteria. If necessary, you can then manually edit the plan in any way.

Complete overview in one place

K2 ERP has available not only production data, but also all other important companies from individual departments of your company. You can easily combine, for example, production data, information from warehouses, stores or contact centers in management reports. Look at your business as a whole, not separately by department.

Automate situational responses in production

With the help of K2 workflow, you can define how production should react to a whole range of stimuli from production lines. Has the manufacturing variance increased? Let the information system automatically order a service visit, including the option of external service.

Fair rewarding

Production data is also available to all other modules in K2. Thanks to this, you can take this information into account, for example, when processing the salaries and rewards of individual employees.

What K2 currently offers to manufacturing companies

  • Project management for the definition of new production
  • Defining production procedures and technologies
  • Capacity-based production planning
  • Manual correction of production according to the needs of the given workshop
  • Production completion by workers and automatically from machines
  • Information on meeting the standard at the checkout kiosk
  • Real-time monitoring and data collection
  • Monitoring Equipment Effectiveness(OEE)
  • Support for paperless production
  • Monitoring the deadline reliability of orders
  • Saving the complete family tree of the product
  • All product data in one place
  • Direct link to attendance for salary calculation

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