Monitoring the system

  • Get easier and cheaper maintenance of the system and transitions to new versions.
  • Keep track of the tools and functions of the K2 information system used in your company.
  • Find bottlenecks in your hardware infrastructure and speed up the running of your system.
  • Help us with the future development of new versions and tools of the K2 information system.

Application statistics

The K2 information system collects information about how it is used in production. In practice, this involves a number of uses of various functions, the utilization of hardware or optimal use of licenses.

Bottlenecks in HW infrastructure

Are you running up against the output ceiling of your infrastructure in system operations? It can be seen from the information collected whether it is about needlessly complicated script, the improper use of features or really about inadequate hardware. We will let you know what hardware needs to be replaced for seamless operations, meaning we will focus on optimizing problematic scripts or tools.

Transitions between versions

In the transition to a new version of the K2 information system, our consultants can focus only on those features and tools that are actually used by your company, and let the other ones go. This can cut the time and money needed for adaptations considerably.

Better technical support

In resolving incentives, the technical or product support is one step ahead thanks to the data from application statistics. In communication with the customer, there is no need to determine which system version the customer is running, what operating systems their users have or how the application is used. They will have all this information already available and will therefore be able to devote themselves better and quicker to actually resolving the problem at hand.

The future development of the system

Application statistics make it possible to see immediately at first glance which parts of the system are used by our customers and which are not. When developing new versions, we can therefore focus on the development and optimization of what is really the most important to you.

Maintaining privacy

Application statistics collect statistical data; information about specific operations cannot be searched. You can moreover decide for yourselves which parts of the system you would like to monitor. Similarly, you can also choose which information to share with our development team and which to leave only for your internal use.

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