One-click approval of invoices and other processes in the e-mail

The K2 ERP provides comprehensive management of production, warehouse and logistics.

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21 years with IS K2
75 users works in K2 every day
300 million Kč annual turover
30 000 luminaires per year
125 employees

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Scope of K2 implementation at Halla

Halla-1 Both the production and the warehouse are completely controlled by the K2 Information System. This allows to reserve material for relevant orders. The system also handles workloads using barcodes. Thanks to K2, Halla has an absolute overview of warehouse logistics from purchase through production to dispatch. Workflow module takes care of invoice approval, asset reclassification, order processing and other things. Manager can approve any process with a single button in the email.

Interesting facts from the implementation of the K2 Information System


  • Production is fully controlled by the K2 Information System.
  • The 3,500 m2 warehouse is managed via online mobile terminals.
  • Effective workloads using barcodes.
  • Reservation of material for relevant orders - there is no material theft and overtaking of orders.
  • Complete overview of warehouse logistics (coverage of purchasing, production and shipping.
  • Process management is integrated directly into K2 (approval of invoices, change of asset classification, process of processing order items and others).

"We especially appreciate the robustness of the system in the area of warehouses. In particular, strict adherence to stock blocking for individual orders, thanks to which there is no theft of material between individual production orders - thanks to this, we always have order in production. Thanks to its elasticity, K2 currently fits perfectly to all solved business processes. The term "K2 as a platform" is not just an empty phrase in our country. In our IT department, we basically have our own top K2 consultants who are able to fully manage the entire system, including the development of new customizations, thanks to K2's resources. Which saves us a lot of money."

Ing. Daniel Černý, Member of the Board of Directors of Halla, a.s.

"Logistics management is key for Halla. Availability of material at the right time in the right place, ensuring the blocking of material for the relevant order, online consumption of material during production levies - these are the features without which the production company cannot be effectively managed. Thanks to the use of barcode readers and process control directly in the IS, Halla managed to increase production efficiency and eliminate bottlenecks in the warehouse. Thanks to a wide range of training and tools for administrators, K2 administrators are able to take care of K2 independently and adjust and supplement many functionalities themselves.”

Petr Figura, Project Manager K2

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