• A clear system for recording business contracts and tracking their current status.
  • The option to print the same document with a diverse range of information.
  • The automatic blocking of orders depending on the sum of unpaid invoices.
  • The electronic dispatch of documents using email or in the form of EDI and ISDOC formats.

Management and realization of orders

The K2 information system enables you to manage transactions using the record of their documents and status, which illustrate their progress. They are linked to each other in a predetermined order - contract, order, issue slip, reservation slip, packing list and invoice. The records for all orders show the status of their elaboration, where you can easily search them for, as an example, incomplete invoicing, unprepared or unordered contracts.

Automatic pricing

Regular customers can be assigned to predefined price groups, where specific price terms are already established. They will be automatically projected directly in the contract. It is equally possible to create prices directly for a certain customer. By analogy, the system also works for term or discount actions, where the document always shows the difference between the real price and the catalog price.


Long-term projects are carried out through contracts. It is possible to arrange a contracted volume at an agreed price and create real – implemented orders in accordance with required deadlines. This methodology allows you to easily monitor the overall status of contracts, such as information about quantities already realized and the scheduling of the outstanding quantity.

The principle of confirming documents

The principle of confirming documents in the K2 information system ensures that no additional changes or modifications occur in concluded transactions. There is thus no danger of accidental overwriting or unwanted interference. The order of confirming documents can be set up so that it conforms to the way users work, and cannot be infringed. Similarly, it is possible to block closed periods for accounting documents.

Sale of goods at checkout

For quick sales, the module includes a feature for selling goods at checkout, where the user chooses only the item, or loads it using barcode, and enters the quantity. The K2 information system then automatically fills in the price and creates the basic documents in parallel in the background – order, issue slip, invoice. This feature is especially good for retailers, wholesalers and brick-and-mortar shops.

Evaluating contracts

An integral part of the solution for all business transactions is their evaluation. In the K2 information system there are several standard reports that correspond to questions of the type like which item customers buy most often and what sales figures were achieved each day. You can even track what customers inquire about but do not purchase. The information from these reports is very valuable for the further planning of production or purchases.

Electronic distribution of documents

Individual documents can be sent as mail, as well as by electronic means. The K2 information system supports the ISDOC and EDI formats for electronic document exchange.

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