Every company has its own specifics

Sometimes it’s better to adapt to the system, other times it’s important to keep corporate processes and have the ERP adapted to them. Especially if there are competitive advantages hidden in the processes.

Why to go special? All we need is standard!

  • You should never change processes concealing competitive or economic advantages.

  • Watch out for extremes. Not a box solution or system made to order is the right one.

  • Are you using a specific software? Ensure that it can be linked up to ERP.

  • Trust the advice of ERP vendors. They have experience with hundreds of successful companies.

Key questions

How is it possible that one system can manage wholesale business with drugs and operate a nuclear power plant? And how can I be sure that it will be right for our company?

The ERP system must be developed sufficiently, generally, and in detail. With the help of the implementation team, it is then possible to modify individual forms and tools and set up the system to run in virtually any situation. Important in this respect is the breadth of the standard installation of the system - the more the system is able to cover in its standard form, the easier and less expensive its implementation and subsequent development and maintenance will be.

 Why should we ever have to adapt our system? As a company operating on the market for several years, why should we change something that already works for us?

In many cases, management feels that the company is working well, but our experience is that after introducing the ERP system, they begin to discover hidden problems and reserves. Vendors are continuously developing systems and incorporating them into proven ideas and initiatives from hundreds of companies that have been using them for years. Therefore don’t be afraid to get advice where to adapt and where not to. In addition, a higher level of adaptation means easier and cheaper implementation and maintenance of the system.

If we get the same solution that works successfully for a competing firm, will we too be successful?

Yes, the experience of the vendor in the field where you do business is very important. Be careful, however, about uniform industry solutions - they risk losing the competitive advantages hidden in your processes. It’s also a factor here that every company is different - from employees and technology to business partners. And also keep in mind that every implementation is different - more important than the industry references of the vendor is the experience of the team that will be in charge of the implementation.